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Simple and Logical

Keep up to date with your company's staff, objects and works in real time
Timesheets, pictures and all the information you need in one place!
Forget notebooks, scraps of paper, physical timesheets.
Bring your business up to date and use online timesheets!
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Software for businesses working in different sectors

Our clients are: hotels, construction, cleaning, property management, agriculture, forestry and transport companies. All companies that use timesheets on a daily basis. We are constantly developing the service based on feedback and ideas from existing users.

User management

Name, contact details and photo Cards/permits. You will be notified when the expiry date is approaching! Supervisor account - you can specify what information the supervisor sees (objects, other employees). Communicating and messaging

Object management

Name, code, address, contact and picture Files/Drawings. All documentation in one place! Unlimited number of works and activities All photos in one place

Timesheets and reports

Automated. Adaptable as needed You decide what information is displayed on the timesheet Simple and quick confirmation and modification of entries Download (PDF), print or send by email

Prices and packages

Package S
1-5 users
6.90€ /month (+VAT.) Try 2 weeks for FREE Sign up
Package M
up to 15 users
12.90€ /month (+VAT.) Try 2 weeks for FREE Sign up
Package L
up to 25 users
17.90€ /month (+VAT.) Try 2 weeks for FREE Sign up
Package XL
unlimited users
28.90€ /month (+VAT.) Try 2 weeks for FREE Sign up

Are you familiar with the situation?

The work has been done, employees want the wages they deserve, You want to do the bills, but... you do not have timesheets.

You start calling the staff - it turns out that all the hours are not exactly written down. Not all things are remembered etc. When things are finally more or less on paper, the timesheets have to be collated, checked, signed, forwarded to the client.

But why make things so complicated?

Use Tunnid24 portal and save money, nerves and most importantly - time!

Enter employees, objects and works into the Tunnid24 online environment.

Give access to employees and receive a notification when the timesheet is filled.

If you have any questions, you can contact your staff directly from the Tunnid24 environment.

If everything is OK, then confirm the timesheet(s)

Keep up to date with your company!

With just a few clicks, you can filter and generate reports on an object or an employee.

Just as easily, you can send reports by email or download them to your device in PDF format.

Is Tunnid24 secure?

All your data is protected. The Tunnid24 environment uses a secure hypertext transmission protocol (HTTPS), whereby data is exchanged between the user and the web server in a form that is unreadable to unauthorised parties and the connection is protected against proxy attacks.

Tunnid24 does not share customer data to third parties.

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